Do you want to receive more online orders?

Of course you do! 
With Andromedas Online Ordering System, you can get more orders
from your own website.

online ordering system andromeda

After working with Andromeda, our clients benefit from:

Increase online orders

1) Increased online sales

  • Receive more orders to your restaurant
  • Generate on average 20% bigger order spends

2) Increased profit

  • Reduce your cost per order (when compared to the aggregators)
  • Improve your operational efficiency
  • Use data and insights to refine sales techniques
Increase profit
Increase customer loyalty

3) Win customer loyalty

  • Generate repeat business
  • Your customers are YOUR customers
  • Gain brand awareness
  • Win brand loyalty 
  • Entice aggregator customers to become your direct customers
  • Your customers are not shared with any other restaurants

The Andromeda Triple Guarantee

You will own your own website domain

You own your customer data – we are not an aggregator

No long – term contract, leave at any time

So, How do we do it?

restaurant online ordering system

An online ordering system - built by experts for experts

Experienced senior team with over 60 years of hands- n experience managing restaurants, takeaways and delivery operations – Ex Pizza Hut and Dominos

Trusted by big brands and single store operators since 2000

Andromeda - We help you deliver

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